The Godswar was a massive conflict instigated by the capture of Eidolon. Multiple nations were pulled into the war, divided into two grand factions. Named the Godswar because of the direct influence of deities on the battlefield, the conflict fundamentally changed the nature of pantheons and faiths across the continent.

Gods battled directly on battlefields, permanently wounding each other. Eidolon itself, however, was inimical to divine intervention – though one faction had circumvented this through draconic and diabolical transformation.

It was the Demigod Initiative that changed the course of the war. It was discovered that divine power, when encased in mortal flesh, could pass Eidolon’s threshold. A massive demigod breeding and accelerated growth program was instituted.

The war has now been won, but immature godlings and the transformed roam Eidolon. And many nations now have changed citizens – the God-Touched.


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