The great nation of the Dwarves. Once comprised of the three kingdoms of Chosk, Marsk, and Tiposk. A massive revolution deposed the Thanes, who were perceived to have abandoned their duties of protection in favor of greed. In place of the kingdoms, a massive collective formed, headed by a central administrative committee, with representatives from all the great undercities.

There is some unrest in Mirgravd, however, as Mountain dwarves enjoy rather more of the benefits than the Hill dwarves, who are seen to be rural and parochial.

Mirgravd is almost entirely Dwarven, with smaller populations of Gnomes, and, as always, Halflings.

Mirgravd claims Kether, largest of the Nine Kings.

The pantheon of Mirgravd is the newest in the world. They followed the Commonwealth model of abandoning their old gods and creating new, but focused on labor and community over trade and industry.

Thus, the god-blooded race of Mirgravd are also the Warforged, though Mirgravd’s warforged use stone and crystal more than metal.


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