The Indigo Empire

2nd largest, and oldest of the nations of the world. Ruled by two Emperors, the Day Emperor and the Night Emperor. Day handles domestic affairs, Night handles foreign, with some overlap between the two. Each has complicated ministries that administrate this highly prosperous land.

The Indigo Empire ended up in a curious situation during the Godswar, with each Emperor supporting a different faction. The Day Emperor, due to aligned association with dragons, sided with the Dragonblooded. The Night Emperor, however, took a longer view and fought against the Dragonblooded.

The Night Emperor, therefore, has been allowed to claim Bessani of the Nine Kings.

The pantheon of the Indigo Empire is a spirit court comprised of dragons and totemic entities.

The god-touched race of the Indigo Empire are the Changelings.

The Indigo Empire

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