Commonwealth of Greater Corovia

A wealthy and industrious nation comprised of several smaller states bound together for communal prosperity and defense. Separated from most of the other nations by the Ket desert. Known for their ingenuity and airship technology.

The Commonwealth has an unusual proportion of immigrants from around the world – those who have braved the Ket in order to find opportunities denied them in their homeworld. Thus, while the Commonwealth is primarily Half-Elven and Human, it is easy to find large populations of Halflings and Elves, and smaller but still notable populations of Dwarves and Gnomes.

The god-touched race of the Commonwealth are the Warforged.

The pantheon of the Commonwealth is the youngest, as most of the immigrants gave up their gods and instead contributed to the creation of new gods of Trade.

The Commonwealth currently claims Sepon among the Nine Kings.

Commonwealth of Greater Corovia

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